What’s All the Fuss About the Hori Knife?

The Barebones hori hori Knife has become a very popular kitchen cutlery brand in the West. This is largely due to its beautiful and unique “Horie-Gone” handle which looks like nothing else on the market. The “Horie-Gone” design, however, is not exclusively for the Hori knife. There are two other knife styles that have been designed by this company, both of which are equally popular and sought after.

The most popular, and most recognizable knife in the world is the traditional Kenko Knifes. These are made out of high-carbon stainless steel, are available with a number of different handle designs including stick, rocker, and wing. All of these handle designs provide the tool holder user with a firm and comfortable grip while still allowing for the very best in versatility. The traditional style is ergonomically correct, making it a wonderful knife to have at the office, home, or for camping trips. The only downside is that these knives are typically sold as a single knife, so adding a screwdriver or other items can be difficult.

The second most common type of knife found among the Hori products is the traditional switchblade. While the name sounds similar, it is simply a knife with a conventional handle. In contrast, the “switchblade” has a knife with both a handle and blade in one single piece. These kinds of knife are often used in an emergency situation for cutting through the time to get to safety. They have the advantage of having very sharp edges, but they also have the problem of the sheath being easy to damage if you happen to lose your hand and fall into the deep end.

The third option in the range of knives is the wood handle digging knife. These are much larger in size than the traditional switchblades and come with several distinct advantages. First, the large blade allows for much more efficiency in cutting through denser woods. Second, they also tend to offer a bit more length per inch than their smaller counterparts. Finally, they are more comfortable to carry than a traditional switchblade because of the larger size. They can even be used for digging up bullets or other ammunition in the field.

Last but not least, the last major knife in the Hori product line is the Fiskars Tanto. While they don’t have the same blade and handle design of the others, they do all the same things. As mentioned, Fiskars tend to be a bit larger than other knife companies, so they can afford to make them larger and stronger. This means that the Fiskars Tanto is the perfect tool for someone looking for a durable, strong knife edge.

With all three options, the Fiskars Tanto offers a very versatile option for just about anyone. The sturdy, heavy-duty steel blade, the classic western design, and the comfortable, flexible, butterfly-folding, wood handle are perfect for just about everyone. Even those with smaller hands might feel quite a bit of comfort carrying this knife. The perfect accessory to take on any job, the Fiskars Tanto can stand up to just about anything! You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knife.

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